Covid Echo's

Covid Echo's are series of Fabric Drawings that I created using remnant materials I used to make emergent Covid mask earlier in March 2020 when we were all scrambling to find protective gear. I had not used my sewing machine is some time and mostly when I do sew it is to darn clothing and fabricate bits with and for my daughter.

As we all started to settle down into the new normal in late March, April, May… I started using the fabric remnants as a collage & drawing material. I would grab bits of fabric from a box and arrange, react and repeat. The action is very similar to how I draw and paint. But rather than mining a photograph for shape & form I used the leftovers from the masks making. You can see in some of the positive or negative shapes from the mask in each composition. (What I have been referring to as echoes.)  The next piece used the additional scrap and so on. Eventually the forms had echoed enough that they had been removed from their maskness.